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I have been using chicken soul stew for a few months and my Yorkie who looooves it!!! I add it to her hills prescription diet canned food which I had to force her to eat. Now she laps it up and cleans her dish spotless with your soul stew. I can only get it at Pet Good in Yonkers and I do not drive. I have to ask someone to take me there and it isn’t always available in the small jars. Is it available anywhere else ? I see that I can buy online but now it’s pushed to October 1st. I have come to rely on your food so my baby will eat her prescription food mixed with yours. Will you definitely be selling online so it would be convenient for me to purchase and I’m sure many Others???? Please advise as I’m running low!!!


I never email companies, but I wanted to write to you to express my unending gratitude for making a product that makes my very very VERY picky male Dalmatian to eat his food with gusto. Yours is very simply the only food I can add to his dry diet to get him to eat. Is there a way to order from you directly? I never want to be without a source of your food.


I normally don’t write to companies, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your product. I have a picky eater and when I started topping his dry food with soul stew he gobbles it up. I am so happy he’s eating like he should and I feel good giving him quality food. Thank you.


my dog has never eaten her food as quickly as she eats your stew. When Hungry she stands in front of the refrigerator door , barking. I would swear I saw her smile like the picture on your label the first time I feed it to her. My wife does not believe me.


turkey stock at the Petagree in Enfield, CT Do you sell to individuals? Please let me know.


Our dog (Sophie , 13yrs. young)loves it. Where in the greater Allentown area is it available or can I buy direct from you ?


Just a note to tell you that Kalley, my rescue dog, loves your jarred food. In February I replaced her Merrick wet food with your foods and she did not skip a beat. In fact, I think she may prefer your food over the other. I now mix a large tablespoon of your food with her Innova dry and a bit of warm water, 2x per day and she gobbles it down and licks the bowl clean! I thought you may find it interesting that I am also now feeding it to my 3 long-haired cats as their wet food. My cats are extremely finicky eaters. It's a challenge to find a dry food they will actually eat. I am pretty sure I have tried them all! Currently they are on Prairie by Nature's Variety and I have replaced their Merrick wet food with your jarred food and they eat every last morsel. When I am feeding the dog they circle around me crying for their share! We're now buying 3 large jars a month from P&A Pet Foods, however, I think it's still more economical and kinder on the planet than all the cans of wet food we were purchasing previously. It makes me feel good that I am feeding my pets good quality ingredients from a glass jar rather than a metal can. I am also pleased to serve them a product from a local business, as we reside here in Ottsville, Bucks County. I would like more information on the quality of your food and where the chicken and vegetables come from, as well as where you product is processed and packaged. Have you considered producing an Organic product line? I would be thrilled to see it available. Thanks very much for producing such a great food. Keep up the good work!


Was given a jar of your Soul Stew and my dog loves it!!! Where can I buy it and how much for a 32 ounce jar?


I live in Connecticut and saw picked up some venison jerky from Thomaston Feed. Is there anyplace else I can get the jerky in CT? How about online? Can I order from you? I bought all they had and do not know when it will be back in stock. This is one of the few treats that we can give our dog do to her allergies. Please advise!


HI – I am looking to purchase 12 LARGE cans of the Turkey soul food… I live in Bedminster NJ 07921. Can you tell me where I can buy this? I am almost out and it’s the only food my Brussels eats! My friend gave me their last can that she had… -Thanks


By the way, I love your product. I have a five-pound Yorkie, named Vegas. He is very finicky, but when I mix the Soul Stew with his kibble, he just eats it up. I have told everyone at the puppy playgroup that he goes to every Monday night and at least five of the owners have bought it for their dogs as well. Everyone has been asking where to find it in the neighborhood, so this will be very helpful. I will pass along the information. I have bought it at Petropolis which is a block from my office in lower Manhattan but they stopped carrying it (they also sold it for two dollars more than other places) and I have also made the trek to Soho to Happy Paws, but it is a little inconvenient. Thanks for responding to the inquiry.


My groomer carried your line and my dog loves it. She moved and I can’t find it anywhere around me. Can you help?


I received the package yesterday. Thank you very much. My dog loves it!!


hi!...i'm interested in purchasing a case of your dog food...i found it at jake's, but would rather purchase bulk directly from you if possible... my sheltie absolutely LOVES it....i live in cherry hill nj....i'm not sure how far you are from here, but i could pick up if necessary...please provide pricing/quantity....your product has passed my dogs finicky taste test...thanks so much for getting back to me


Let me start by saying that my dog loves your products, specifically the beef stew. Two questions On the website order form - what are the costs / Can I pick up food anywhere.


I have been using Michaels Soul Stew for my Maltese, Buddy, who is quite the picky eater. He absolutely loves the Chicken. I use some of that mixed with his dry food and he just finishes every morsel. Is it possible to purchase this in quantity from you directly. So nice to have a natural food for my dog as he has had quite a few medical problems and needs fresh foods without preservatives. He is doing just fine on the Chicken Stew.


I used to own the Dog Boutique in Westwood, NJ (have since relocated to Upstate NY). My dogs love your food (I have many many dogs!!!) and I was wondering if you ship?


My name is Jenny and I have been buying your dog food from a pet store for several months now. My dog has been loving it, and I really like how natural and simple the ingredients are. I am thinking about ordering straight from your website (I live in New York City). I am trying to figure out if this would be more economical. Can you tell me the prices for the 32 oz venison and 32 oz chicken if I order straight from the site, and approximately how much shipping would cost?


Love your Food...Sometimes the Only Food my Dogs are willing to eat. My Sister Buys it from a local Pet Store, but they dont seem to want to cooperate with us to buy by the case. Can you please send a price list for your 32 oz. [Cant find prices on Web Site] Jars By the Case.


Hello. We used your food for years and our dogs lived to 16 and 18. We now have a wonderful 2 year old , 9 lb mix. Can you please send me the analysis of ingredients. She needs a low protein and low potassium diet. Thanks very much.


Great product. Thank you